Walk A Mile – FAQ

  1. What is Walk A Mile? – Walk A Mile is a unique initiative organised by the Old Boys’ Association of S. Thomas’ College, Mt Lavinia where participants can Walk A Mile in any location of their choosing and collect donations that will go towards development projects for the school. For more information about the project, visit the About Us page from this link.
  2. Can anyone participate in Walk A Mile? – Yes. While the project is organised by the OBA of S Thomas’ College, Mt Lavinia primarily for Old Boys and students, anyone from anywhere in the world is welcome to sign up. To register click on the following here. Students of STC Mt Lavinia will be pre-registered and only need to confirm their admission number on sign up to finalise registration.
  3. Is there a cost to register and participate? – No, it is free to register and participate.
  4. Do I have to contribute all the funds myself? – No, once you register you can share your profile with friends, family, well wishers etc who can make an online donation towards your effort. All donations made in your name shall be counted towards your total. You may collect funds beyond the event date until the 10th of March 2022
  5. What are Teams and how do I join create or join one? – A group of friends, classmates or colleagues can opt to join one team to represent for Walk A Mile. (It is not necessary that all team members walk together.) To create a Team (a)Go to the registration page (b)Select Team in the first field (under We Are / I Am) (c) Fill in the requested details (You cannot use an email address that has previously been use to register for Walk A Mile, even if it was as an Old Boy or Well Wisher) (d) Adding team members In the Description field add the names only of the team members (e) Team Pic Use the image field to add an image for your team (f) Click Register to Submit You will receive an email confirming submission and your profile will be active within 24 hours for you to access and shar
  6. Can I donate without participating? – Yes. You can register as a donor and use the donation link of the participant you want to support or search for them in our participant directory and donate to them. To donate to a participant please click on this link. All donations will be acknowledged via email. You can also donate directly to any of the projects that Walk A Mile is supporting. To donate to a specific project, please click here.
  7. Will I get a confirmation of all donations made towards me as participant? – Yes, all donations made to and via your profile will be acknowledged to the payee and you will be informed via email as well.
  8. When will Walk A Mile take place? – Walk A Mile is currently scheduled to take place on the (insert date). There is no set time as you can walk at a time of your choosing depending on your or your team’s schedule, and region that you live in.
  9. What about any restrictions due to the Covid situation? – You may Walk A Mile from any location of your choosing, even at home or in your garden. While we hope that Walk A Mile will take place during a window that there are no restrictions on movement so we can facilitate group walks, we expect all participants to follow the Govt guidelines in place at the time of the event and not put themselves in harm’s way. In the event there are restrictions on movement, all participants are expected to walk in their local vicinity or at home. Those who live outside Sri Lanka who wish to participate should follow their local Govt guidelines.
  10. Is there any specific attire that must be worn for to Walk A Mile? – No. However, if you wish to purchase OBA STC Merchandise to wear for you walk, please click here.
  11. What will the funds be collected used for? – The OBA will be raising much needed funds for the following STC projects – Smart Classroom Project, Senior Quadrangle Project, Pavillion Project, OBA’s Covid-19 Peer Response Initiative. For more details about the beneficiary projects, please click here.
  12. Who can I contact for any questions I have? – You can contact +94 112737173 or email
  13. What are the participation categories?
    • Individuals – Any individual Old Boy or Well Wisher
    • Students – All students will be preregistered
    • Teams – Anyone can create a team to participate for Walk A Mile. Please refer point 5 on how to create a team. (Note that if you already registered as an Individual or any other participant category, you will need to use a different email address to create your team profile)
    • Batch Teams: All OBA registered batches from 1965 to 2020 will Pre Registered. Batch heads to share the names of team members with administration staff as previously communicated
    • Foreign chapters: All OBA registered foreign chapters are pre-registered. Please refer point * on how to add members to the foreign chapters.


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