The OBA of STCML was established in 1886 as a means of ensuring those who have passed through school maintain ties with the College and build a community from the alumni to promote camaraderie. The OBA has been instrumental in contributing towards the growth of STC as one of the island’s premier schools while supporting the activities of the College to help produce civic-minded citizens from its students.  

The OBA has successfully organised a number of memorable events over the years including a Walkathon, Triathlon and many others. Some the projects that the OBA have donated towards and completed include the Sports Complex, C-Block (to celebrate the centenary of the school) and the Covid scholarship project amongst many others. 


This year, our events team brings you yet another unique project – Walk A Mile. The aim of the project is to promote a healthy lifestyle and show that even Walking A Mile can make a difference, while also raising funds for the school. Proceeds from the event will go towards a much-needed infrastructure development of the College including Smart Classrooms, Senior Quadrangle Project, Cricket Pavillion and the OBA Covid-19 Peer Support Initiative.  

Old Boys, together with their batchmates, colleagues or even families, can sign up for a sponsored ‘Walk A Mile’ in a location of their choosing. Be it walking paths, sports grounds, treadmills or even in your own home, as this is not location-specific, Old Boys around the world can participate and support the alma mater.

All participants need to collect a mere Rs 10,000 which is just a small contribution that will go towards supporting three infrastructure development projects of the College as well as the OBA’s Covid-19 Peer Support Initiative. All registrations will be acknowledged by the OBA through this dedicated platform and all contributions made to the event will be made public and transparent.

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