OBA’s Walk A Mile for STC To Take Place In October

Walk A Mile for STC, a landmark initiative by the OBA to support 4 major projects of the school will culminate in a day of fun-filled activities for present boys and old boys, together with staff, parents and well-wishers to celebrate the success of the initiative while also participating in the official walk.

Walk-A-Mile will support the completion of 3 key projects at STC ML which include The Smart Classroom Project, The Senior Quadrangle Project and The Pavilion Project while also providing a platform to help facilitate raising funds for its brother School, STC Gurutalawa as well. For more details click here – https://walkamile.stcmloba.com/donate/

On Friday 21st October commencing at 5.30 pm the main Walk A Mile event will take place with Students, Old Boys, Class Groups, Parents and other Wellwishers all starting off from De Saram Road, navigating through Hotel Road and snaking back to the College Big Club Grounds to complete the route. The walk will be followed up by a mini-carnival which will include a hawker street of food and drinks plus a musical event and other entertainment over the course of the evening.

All students have already been pre-registered for Walk A Mile and to share their profiles with friends and family to begin collection sponsorships online, students can find their details from this link – https://walkamile.stcmloba.com/walkers/

To register as an Old Boy, Class Group, a Well Wisher or even to donate as an overseas member, click here and sign up – https://walkamile.stcmloba.com/become-a-volunteer/



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