Class Groups Pledge Rs 4 Million Towards Smart Classroom At Walk A Mile Launch

On a historic evening at the College Hall, a number of Class Groups came forward to pledge Four Million Rupees and kick start the process to support the installation of Smart Boards in College classrooms as part of the Walk A Mile project launch.

It was the first time that such an amount had been pledged on a single night and rounded off a successful launch event, when Walk A Mile was introduced to Class Heads together with unveiling of the logo and the website by the Warden.

The historic Walk A Mile project will rally together Thomians around the world in a unique event to help raise funds for much needed infrastructure developments of the school together with support for STC Gurutalawa and also the Covid-19 Response Initiative.

The batches that made pledges at the event were:
Class of 2004 – 800,000 (2 Classrooms)
Class of 1992 – 800,000 (2 Classrooms)
Class of 1993 – 800,000 (2 Classrooms)
Class of 1956 – 400,000 (1 Classroom)
Class of 1961 – 800,000 (2 Classrooms)
Class of 1962 – 400,000 (1 Classroom)
Class of 1994 – 400,000 (1 Classroom)

Additionally the Class of 1956, Class of 1973, NGC & Class of 1976, Class of 1979, Class of 1995, Class of 2006 and Class of 2007 have also made pledges to collect towards this project.

The Smart Classroom project was initially set up from the proceeds of the Thomian Ride which took place in 2016  organized by the Batch of 1982. From the proceeds of that initiative which amounted to approximately Rs 13.5 million, the College has been able to equip classrooms with 20+ Smart-boards. The Smart-boards have helped to make teaching much more engaging for the students.

Having conducted one and a half years of online schooling, the teachers have been able to produce wonderfully interactive lessons filled with animations and videos, and the need for all the classrooms to be equipped with Smart-boards has become not only a need but a necessity as we prepare to return to physical school in the near future.

Manojith Weerasuriya, Assistant Treasurer of the OBA and who has been coordinating the class groups for the project said, ‘The sum raised is unsurpassed in terms of Class donations raised on a single night and it was indeed encouraging to see the batches come forward to support the school in this time of need and get behind this milestone project. We look forward to more batches getting together and supporting this initiative in the form of SmartBoard donations and also participating in the Walk’

To find out more about the Smart Classroom project and donate please visit or contact Manojith on 0777739747.



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