OBA announces Walk A Mile for STC

Calling Thomians Young, Old, Near and Far!

The Old Boys’ Association of S Thomas’ College has inaugurated a Walk a Mile for STC initiative to unite the Old Boy fraternity under the banner of keeping healthy while also raising funds for the school.

Old Boys, together with their batchmates, colleagues or even families, can sign up for a sponsored walk a mile in a location of their choosing, be it a walking path, sports’ ground, treadmill or even in their own home. As this is not location-specific, Old Boys around the world can participate and support their Alma Mater.

All participants need to collect a sum of Rs 10,000 which would go directly towards the funding of three infrastructure development initiatives of the College. All registrations will be acknowledged by the OBA through a dedicated platform and all contributions made to the school will be made public and handled transparently.

The OBA’s goal is to make sure that all Old Boys are a part of this project, no matter where they are in the world, build that ‘Brotherhood’ and sing the chorus of our College song, “THE BLUE, BLACK AND BLUE FOREVER!”
Stay tuned for more details which will be shared in due course.

If you wish to be part of the organising team and support this initiative please contact Richard De Zoysa on 0777759999.



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